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Owned and operated by Diana The Doodle Queen, the best groomer in Texas. Giving your pets glamorous looks at unbeatable prices. 


The Signature Groom

The Works!

Specially designed for non-shedding breeds. 

Regular bathing and grooming will keep the coat. free of mats and tangles. Severe matting  can be very painful and eventually  lead to skin conditions.

"different options for different needs"

Double Coat Bath
For Double Coated Dogs

Regular bathing and brushing will release the dead undercoat. In the winter, this helps new undercoat keep the dog  warm. In the summer, removing this undercoat keeps the dog cool.

Smooth Coat Bath
for short coated shedding breeds

For smooth coat dogs, regular bathing and brushing reduces excess shedding and keeps the coat shiny and healthy.

"but not just your average bath"
Sanitary Trim

Sanitary Trim: Trimming of Face, Feathers, Feet And Sanitary Areas  (NO NAIL FILING/NO TEETH BRUSHED/NO FLEA/NO DEMATTING INCLUDED)

Basic Bath

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Services listed are subject to change, due to our services packages being under construction for 2023, please contact us if you have any questions regarding our services.