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For optimal maintenance of your dog’s ears, nails, skin, and coat, we suggest scheduling a grooming session every 4 to 6 weeks. This helps ensure their overall cleanliness and health.

The ideal frequency varies for each dog, but generally, to uphold short and healthy nails, we advise trimming them every 4 weeks. For achieving shorter nails, a range of once a week to every 2 weeks is recommended. Additionally, incorporating nail filing helps in smoothing rough edges and gradually reducing the nail length.

In accordance with state regulations, we necessitate the rabies vaccination. Additionally, we strongly advise adhering to your veterinarian’s recommended vaccination timetable to ensure your pet’s protection.

If your dog is found to have 3 or more fleas, a mandatory flea bath will be administered. An additional charge of $25+ will be applied to the grooming cost in such instances. It is advisable to take measures to address fleas in your living space and vehicle to prevent recurring issues. Applying topical flea preventative 3 days before or after grooming is also recommended.

Our grooming pricing is based on a basic rate that considers your dog’s weight and the chosen service. As each dog is unique, occasional adjustments may be necessary due to factors like coat condition, breed, age, behavior, and appointment frequency.

Rest assured, we will always provide you with a precise price before you entrust your pet to our care, ensuring transparency. In the event that any unexpected grooming needs arise that would result in extra charges, we will promptly contact you for approval. Feel free to use our quote estimator if you’d like an estimated cost for your desired service!

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Hand stripping is a grooming method that involves carefully pulling the hair directly from the skin using specialized tools or fingers. This technique is particularly suited for wire-coated breeds as it maintains their natural textures. It results in a textured appearance, vibrant coat color, skin health preservation, and a clean look, all achieved without the use of clippers or scissors. Hand stripping needs to begin early in your dog’s grooming routine to prevent the hair from becoming excessively soft and silky when clippered. Once this transition occurs, restoring the original intended texture becomes extremely challenging.

Certainly! Creative grooming might not be suitable for every pet owner, but pets that undergo coloring tend to enjoy the extra attention it brings. Rest assured, all the products we utilize in our salon are certified pet-safe and free from toxins.

We prioritize creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere in our shop, where we emphasize positive reinforcement rather than forceful methods. We believe that every pet deserves the opportunity to unwind and take breaks when necessary. We are committed to avoiding haste or shortcuts. Your furry friend’s visit with us will generally last between 2 to 4 hours, ensuring a thorough and comfortable experience.

We take pride in being an all-inclusive salon, placing a strong emphasis on the quality of the products we use. Our entire range of products is dedicated to being non-toxic and safe for pets. Among the array of shampoos we employ are reputable brands such as Artero, Hydra, Kelco, and Hyponic.

At our facility, we don’t adhere to a single solution for housing our clients’ dogs. We understand that different dogs have varying preferences. Some may enjoy the privacy of their own kennel space, while others might prefer socializing and spending time with our team during the grooming process. Each day brings a unique dynamic, and we adapt our approach to suit the individual needs of every pet.

For puppies under six months of age, it’s essential that they receive at least two sets of vaccinations, spaced 2-4 weeks apart, prior to their initial grooming appointment. While a complete series of vaccines is recommended for puppies, our specific requirement aligns with state regulations, mandating proof of the rabies vaccine.

Absolutely! If you’re interested in our cat grooming services, feel free to get in touch with us through a phone call.

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