Boarding & Daycare

Hot Dog Hotel

Come Play and Stay!

Hot Dog Hotel offers a daycare inclusive style boarding structure which means your pup gets tons of socialization with people and other dogs all day long. We separate playgroups based on age, size, and breed. The end result is one happy (+tired!) pup at the end of the day. We supply the bedding, bowls and anything your dog needs to have a comfortable stay. At Hot Dog Bark Hotel, we do not charge extra for cuddles or pats to our guests free of charge to make their stay as enjoyable as possible. We offer two styles of boarding (crate or Zone boarding) to accommodate your dog’s needs. Our goal is to ensure that each dog has a stress-free and fun experience while staying with us.

Hot Dog Ranch

Hot Dog Ranch is our VIP stay at home boarding with Diana. Our home is fully fenced. Climate control Dog rooms with 24/7 movies and peaceful sounds to catch a nap in. 24/7 access to a yard with plenty of green grass and places to dig and trees to scratch.

If you and your pet are looking for a safe and comfortable place to stay, then come to Hot Dog Grooming. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Hot Dog Ranch

We offer three types of boarding options:

  1. STEEL CRATES: For the most skillful of escape artists, these crates are similar to our metal crates but the bars are made of thick steel bars that make it impossible to sneak out. Space is limited so are first come, first served.
  2. ZONES: For dogs with crate anxiety, health issues, barrier reactivity or 2 dog families we offer Zone boarding. Zones are 4’x6’ spaces. Space is limited so are first come, first served.
  3. HOT DOG RANCH: For dogs with crate anxiety, health issues, barrier reactivity Home away from home! VIP+$25 add on Space is limited so are first come, first served.

Overnight Boarding Rates:

  • Small Dog: 1-25 lbs. $30 Daily
  • Medium-sized Dog: 26-50 lbs. $35 Daily
  • Large Dog: 51-80 lbs. $40 Daily
  • Extra-large Dog: 80+ lbs. $45 Daily
  • Cats: $27 Daily
  • HOLIDAY $10 Daily
  • VIP $25 Daily
  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off + $25

    per round trip

  • Extended Care of nightly rate 50-100%
  • Bathing / Grooming 25% off 3+night minimum
  • Special Care up to $10 + per day


If your dog has never been to our daycare, a daycare/boarding evaluation (lasting 4 hours minimum) is required to begin service. Evaluations are $25 and are done (by appointment) at 8:00am &10:30am Monday-Friday and 10:30am on Saturdays.


Boarding Drop-Off: Dogs are required to be dropped off before 3pm. We want to make sure your dog gets plenty of time to burn off energy so they are hungry at dinner, tired at bedtime and minimize the potential of being stressed on the first night.

Boarding Pick-Up: Pick-up is anytime during our open hours. If you pick up your dog within the first hour of opening, there is no charge for daycare that day. After the first hour of business, you will only be charged for a half day of daycare, no matter how long your dog is in daycare for the day.


Want pup to have some added Enrichment during their stay with us? Add on a Mini Pup Bar Treat, Stuffed Kong, or Bully Stick break to give pup a break from the pack throughout the day!* Kongs are stuffed with all natural peanut butter and plain yogurt for a special treat that’s good for all pups – even the ones with sensitive tummies and food allergies! odor-free American Grade bully sticks that are made in the U.S. so pup can get their chew on and you can feel good about giving them a treat that’s not only tasty but good for them too!
*Fees apply



  • Food*
  • Treats
  • Medication (if needed)
  • Supplements (if needed)
  • Leash/Harness
  • Quick release collar
  • Bins or 30+ lb bags of food

*pre-measured bags of food are preferred but bulk Ziploc bags are acceptable provided they fit in our Boarding food bins


  • Bowls
  • Toys
  • Large, bulky Beds (NOT LIABLE FOR DAMAGES)
  • Glass ANYTHING
  • Martingales or prong collars


  • Canned food lid covers
  • Refrigerator and/or Freezer for use
  • Pillpockets (fees apply)
  • Blankets, towels, + plush beds
  • Coolaroo cots
  • Kongs/Busy Toys
  • Crates
  • Bowls
  • Water bowls + water
  • Raised Feeders
  • Complementary treats
  • Mini Bar Assorted Treats at Treat Time (fees apply)
  • Dry dog food (fees apply)
  • Wet dog food (fees apply)
  • Treats (fees may apply)

Still sniffing for clues?